I ran a personal website from 1998-2003 which included a blog from 2000-2003 but I haven’t had much of an online presence since then, apart from profiles on a bunch of social networking sites. I decided to start a new blog on a whim last week when I was on a roadtrip in Scotland with my partner Alex.

I bought a big fold-out map and was highlighting the route we took around the country, circling places we visited along the way and marking others we passed through that looked nice but we didn’t have time to stop. When I was researching the trip I was after exactly this kind of information but I couldn’t really find it online, so I thought it might be useful to other people if I shared it.

On top of this I’ve recently been writing up lists of things I loved doing in cities/countries I’ve visited for friends and family that are going to the same places. I referred to and resent these lists often enough to make me think it’s worth posting them somewhere for other people to read.

This kind of travel info will be by no means comprehensive or exhaustive, but if anyone stumbles across this and finds at least one post helpful I’ll be happy. Travel tips will likely make up a large chunk of the content here but there are other random bits and pieces I’d also like to share so on the whole it will be a bit of a mixed bag.

Oh and the title… it doesn’t mean anything. I’m hoping I come up with something better in the future. ;) I was going for something random to reflect the nature of the blog, I like dinosaurs, I like knitting, combining the two felt nicely random, so there you are!


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