4 lovely things to do in York

1. Wander around the pedestrianised city centre

Admire the famous medieval buildings overhanging the Shambles,  browse Newgate Market’s 110 stalls (open every day except 24-25 Dec and 1 Jan), rest your feet in a tearoom or cosy pub, and buy sweets or tasty deli treats from any number of cute shops.

Medieval buildings

2. Window shop on Fossgate

There’s a cluster of second hand bookshops and vintage fashion shops on Fossgate. One of the bookshops has a large collection of Folio Society hardbacks upstairs which is pretty darn cool. There’s also a great foodie shop and cafe called The Hairy Fig which is a very nice spot for lunch.

Tea at The Hairy Fig

3. Walk along the city wall

It’s free! There are various points along the wall where you can climb up to start walking along and it’s open every day from 8am until dusk (unless there’s a bad risk of ice or slipperiness due to bad weather).

York city wall

4. Admire York Minster

Especially spectacular if you’re lucky enough to see it against a beautiful blue sky.

York Minster

We only had two days in York and spent most of our time catching up with friends visiting from Australia. Some other things we could have done:

[more photos]

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