Thanks for 2000 visits!

Over 2000 people from 68 different countries have now found and visited my little blog by one way or another. My favourite thing to see when I check my WordPress stats are search engine terms entered by people that are looking for a solution to the same problems I’ve encountered myself and partially wanted to start this blog in order to share the solutions I ended up piecing together (such as one two three four). If any one of those 2000 people found anything on this blog helpful then I’m delighted. Same goes for my travel-related bits and pieces, if any part of those has been useful for any of my visitors then that is totally awesome. :) Thanks for stopping by!

3 thoughts on “Thanks for 2000 visits!

    • Thanks Andrew! By the way, I’ve been meaning to ask you – how did you find communication in Russia? I’m kind of expecting the language barriers to be quite high compared to the rest of Europe. I’ve nearly memorised the cyrillic alphabet so I can decipher signs but how did you find communicating with people? We’ll have a phrase book on us but I think being in Scandinavia at the moment is making us rather slack about using the local language because everyone’s English is so good here. ;)

      • in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow it was very easy, rather like Scandinavia I guess, a lot of people speak English. Cyrillic will be useful to negotiate the Moscow Metro but it is quite straight forward really. Outside of the big cities it might be more of a problem I suppose. Enjoy your travels.


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