Where in the world are Bron and Alex?

In case you’re having trouble keeping track of where we’ve been and where we’re at, or are curious about where we’re headed next, here’s an updated version of our itinerary for you.

Where we were:

24-31 Jul: CROATIA
Split, Zadar and Zagreb
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31 Jul – 10 Aug: SLOVENIA & ITALY
Ljubljana, Škocjan Caves, Piran, Trieste and Lake Bled
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10-18 Aug: GERMANY
Munich, Mainz and Bremen
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18-24 Aug: DENMARK
Odense, Legoland Billund and Copenhagen
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25 Aug – 1 Sep: NORWAY
The mountains, Oslo and Bergen
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1-9 Sep: SWEDEN
Gothenburg and Stockholm
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9-13 Sep: LATVIA
blog to come! | photos

Where we are:

13-17 Sep: ESTONIA

Where we’re going:

17-23 Sep: FINLAND

St Petersburg, Moscow, Siberia and Mongolia

12-17 Oct: CHINA

18-26 Oct: SOUTH KOREA
Seoul and one or two other places (tbc)

27 Oct – 18 Nov: JAPAN
Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Osaka, Sapporo, Tokyo and one or two other places (tbc)

19-28 Nov: MALAYSIA
Kuala Lumpur, Malacca and Penang

28 Nov – 5 Dec: SRI LANKA
Colombo and somewhere else (tbc)


10-22 Dec: AUSTRALIA
Brisbane, Byron Bay, Coffs Harbour, Seal Rocks and Newcastle

Alex will stay on in Newcastle for Christmas and New Year’s; I’ll be in Melbourne for Christmas but will go back up to Newcastle for New Year’s.

Do let us know if any of your travel plans happen to coincide with ours, we would love to catch up with you along the way!

Goodbye London, hello open road

Alex and I have just under a month left in the UK before my Youth Mobility visa expires and we have to leave the country. This isn’t such a bad thing: in fact it’s an excellent thing. It’s only been 1.5 years but I’m quite tired of living in a city the size of London: the pedestrian and public transport congestion and the passive aggressiveness that comes with it is enough to make me long for the comparative simplicity of life in Melbourne. (I dread to think what it will be like when the Olympics are in full swing.) It’s been a fantastic experience living here and it’s provided us with many wonderful opportunities but I just don’t think I’m cut out to live long-term in such a big city.

But the best part will be the bit that comes between leaving London and returning to Melbourne: being back on the road again for 5 months of vagabonding across the globe. This is how our itinerary is shaping up:


Croatia: Split and Zadar


Slovenia: Ljubljana and Piran
Italy: Trieste
Slovenia: Bled
Austria: Salzburg and Halstatt
Germany: Munich, Mainz and Bremen
Denmark: Copenhagen and one other place (any recommendations?)
Norway: Oslo and wherever else our friends Mae and Tulpesh take us!


Sweden: Stockholm and one other place (any recommendations?)
Latvia: Riga
Estonia: Talinn
Finland: Helsinki and one other place (any recommendations?)
Russia: St Petersburg and Moscow


Trans-Mongolian rail trip across Siberia and Mongolia, stopping off along the way
China: Beijing
South Korea: Seoul and one or two other places (any recommendations?)


Japan: Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Osaka, Sapporo, Tokyo
Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur and Penang
Sri Lanka: Wherever Alex’s cousin Matthew takes us!


Australia: Brisbane and a roadtrip down the east coast until shortly before Christmas

The plan is to travel from Croatia to Japan by land using trains, buses and ferries. Do let us know if you have any recommendations of things to and see in any of these places!